Decrease Credit Card Declines, and Increase Revenues with Our Industry First
Credit Card Automatic Update Service (CCAUS)

Start QuoteThe switch from my previous software to Motionsoft was said to be a stressful time, but the professionals at Motionsoft made it easy and stress free.End Quote

—Keith Hamburg
Gold’s Gym Bozeman, Bozeman, MT

On top of industry leading gym membership software we offer the CCAUS. CCAUS eliminates headaches when a members credit card expires or is replaced. CCAUS automatically updates with their new or replacement card so there is no need for your staff to track down the members and you don’t experience a disruption in billing.

Maintaining updated payment methods is important to avoiding loss in revenue due to failed payments. Credit cards can become invalid for a number of reasons such as the expiration date has passed or the account has been closed. It is equally important to manage credit card updates with as little interruption to the end customer as possible. Motionsoft customers who have signed up for the Automatic Account Updater Service can use Motionsoft’s integration to these payment method updater services to retrieve updated Visa and/or MasterCard information without ever contacting the Member.

  • Resubmit declines at no cost to you
  • Eliminate the need of your staff to contact members
  • Decrease declines by 15% a month
  • Increase your cash flow

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