Club Billing

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—Jerry Brunetto
American Women Fitness Centers, Westwood, NJ

Health Club Billing

— Our DIY system processes recurring billing on credit card and bank accounts (EFT), and automatically updates member’s credit card info.

A simple, self-managed system for any gym, health club, and wellness center’s billing needs. Our Billing (EFT) program lets you handle recurring billing for any type of organization and is fully integrated into our club management software, increasing your revenues and dramatically reducing your decline rate.

Billing (EFT) clients benefit from:

  • No more chasing down expired and declined credit cards. [ More… ]
  • Quick access to operating funds. [ More… ]
  • Accept all credit card types – Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover [ More… ]
  • Seamless integration with our software; easy-to-generate drafts [ More… ]
  • Secure, PCI-certified transactions, every time [ More… ]
  • No third party banking software necessary [ More… ]
  • Immediate notification of declines [ More… ]
  • Declines are automatically processed through the club management software [ More… ]

Save time. Stay on time. With Managed Billing. Upgrade to Managed Billing for all the benefits of Billing,
plus we do the billing for you. [ Read more about Managed Billing… ]